Mountain Range


My Name is Maggie Robbins, I am an LPC in private practice in beautiful Loveland Colorado.  


I completed EMDR basic training in 2009 and have been hooked ever since.

The week before basic training I started having dreams about EMDR, I knew it would change my life

and I was right.  I got into the field not to help clients learn to deal with their symptoms,

but to eliminate them. If you are reading this, you know that this is possible. 


I began my EMDR journey in community mental health, where I had been inspired to learn

more about trauma once it became obvious that I did not have the skills to help this complicated

and highly traumatized population. 


As an EMDR Therapist and consultant, I view every client through the lens of the AIP model,

it informs and guides treatment at all times. You will never hear me asking if EMDR could

help a particular client, the answer is always yes. 


I am a believer in using the power of the mind, body and soul to create a deliberate future

that can help heal the past.  I would say that I am a positive psychology EMDR therapist.

We definitely need to heal wounds from the past, but it is just as important (more so in my opinion) to begin moving people towards the future they desire.  It instills hope, motivation, and stability. Given our current climate, this is more important than ever.  Trauma firmly anchors us in the past whether you like it or not, I see it as my job to turn my clients around, pointing them towards their future. 

I work to teach my consultee's Embodied EMDR.  What this means to me, is that once a clinician has really learned the standard protocol, fully grasped the basics, inside and out, then the shift can be made towards an intuitive practice, that is truly client centered. The standard protocol is the standard for a reason, it is well researched, and validated, it works for many issues, eliminating the need for a bunch of different specialized protocols. With a solid foundation fully embodied in the clinician, your inner guidance has a platform from which to get creative.  Intuition and client needs can fully guide the process when backed by the structure of the standard protocol.  

I work with Adults and older teens.  I treat trauma, complex trauma, and all that comes with these conditions; including addiction, attachment issues, dissociation, anxiety, and depression.  I rely heavily on IFS and DBT, mindfulness and positve psychology.


I am a believer in groups and regularly have at least one group going.  Complex trauma occurs in relationship and is best treated within relationship. Resourcing and reprocessing trauma in a group is rewarding for me and effective for my clients. EMDR Therapy is powerful in group and in some cases, a preferred way to work. For more information on Group EMDR Therapy

In my time as a consultant, I have found I love teaching almost more than I love being a therapist.  Fortunately for me, I get to do both!  


I like to help therapists make EMDR their own, learning to incorporate it into their world view and existing practice. I believe in maintaining fidelity to the standard protocol, while learning to go unscripted.